About Matt Keola Welsh


Matthew was born and raised on the islands of Hawaii. This is where he gained his first experience with blown glass at Punahou Academy. Departing the islands, Matthew then attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. There Matthew was introduced to the ceramic arts. Seeing the intrinsic relation of fire and vitreous materials, and unwilling to settle for one medium or the other, Matthew then relocated to San Francisco to study both glass and ceramics concurrently at San Francisco State University. He received the Partner Scholarship in 1999 to attend the Pilchuck Glass School to study under Einar and Jamex de la Torre. Greatly inspired by the experience, he left academia to pursue glass blowing as a full time career. Over the next ten years he honed his craftsmanship and design sense, with his work featured in venues both domestic and international. Yet his love for ceramics never waned. In 2008 he began working closely with Rodney Mott, branching into the ancient art of wood fired ceramics in Penryn, California. Returning to school to continue following his passion, Matthew received his B.A. in ceramics from San Francisco State University. His most recent work explores the relationships we create and nurture with the objects we surround ourselves with, and how we give life to these objects.